: Welding Helmet

: Ref : ES 61


*  :-    Has Polypropylene Impact Resistant Shell with a high strength nylon Ratchet headgear

*  :-    Welding Lens can be lifted to allow clear view, while restricting harmful dust particles

*  :-    Size of Window : 10cm x 7.5cm, Protective Lens made of Clear High Impact Resistant Polycarbonate.

*  :-    Conforming to EN 166 and ANSI Z 87.1, The Welding Shield is CE marked.

*  :-    ES 04/5: is an IR 5 lens, ES 04/11: is an IR 11 lens ,Accessories – ES61(01) Inner Harness

*  :-    It has a horizontal adjustment feature to provide the user the comfort to move the shell closer or farther from the face

*  :-    The height of the shell is also made adjustable by means of an adjustment provided on the Harness above the head.

*  :-    The Ratchet adjustment at the nape allows easy adjustment of the Harness.

*  :-    The Head band is provided with an Anti-Sweat comfort pad for increased Comfort.

*  :-    The Head band of the Harness has 4 adjustment positions for adjustment of the stop angle of the Shield

*  :-   


This Welding Shield is extremely light in weight, providing comfort as well as protection during welding operations. It has a Flip Front Window which makes it easy for normal viewing even when the ope